What to write on a cootie catcher

With this latest Episode in the explosively popular Origami Yoda series, Tom Angleberger proves once again that he "has his finger puppet squarely on the erratic pulse of middle-school life".

Open when you feel caged Sometimes maintaining a romantic relationship can become tedious and overwhelming. I hand the Lab out, directions on the front and star field on the back. Open when you are about to go on a dangerous mission Being in the military can sometimes mean going on missions that can potentially endanger the health and even lives of our loved one.

Point to the horizon, which is 0o azimuth. Read the number aloud. Put in heart stickers on each passing day instead of exes. Black on white background. I do the sketching for them quickly and tell them to do the labeling and coloring.

Talk about how North is designated both 0o and She wants students to focus on the fundamentals to do well on the Standards of Learning Test.

Later on, Princess Labelmaker is collected by Rabbski. Relate the motions of the Moon, Earth, and Sun to Tides. You are welcome to use these ideas in your classroom, within your science department, within your school district, or to distribute to any teacher who may find these lessons useful.

Each of these two "rolling" resources include an extra page that students can complete and hand in for a formative assessment. Star Wheel Team Game Fun game.

Craft: Cootie Catchers

The cards are either quick sketches of about a dozen basic constellations or the constellation names. Compare and contrast the four main layers of the Sun. Another math journal idea is from my Interactive Math Journal 2. Then have each student work on improving their astrolabe. This one has students identifying the place value columns from billions all the way up to the billions column.

Direct your students to open their Earth Science books to the back of the book. Ask them to take a picture. Discuss the evidence that supports the Big Bang Theory. Fold the square in half and slip your thumbs and pointer finger under the four flaps.

The first person to read the 6 digit number the stack makes, wins. In book 2, he was suspended for the semester. Constellation PowerPoint Reviews the constellations and stars that are required on the Constellation Lab.

Unfold and pull the four ends together, making a diamond-like shape. Try talking them into doing a hobby they like.

Bonus points for labeling famous stars within the constellations. You cite the lessons original source, and do not white-out the copyright footer on the pdf files 3. I also have a similar resource for rounding - including numbers from millions to thousandths on individual sheets so you can easily differentiate for your students.

72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. I do the entire circumpolar area with them. Write any four colors on the four flaps. Interactive Math Journals - I always like to introduce new math concepts with an entry or two in our Interactive Math Journals.

We go for the dish on top of our school building, etc. I would sail the seven seas just to see you. This creates instant interest in the night sky and also touches on the most basic of concepts: This will depend on what the strategy is.

As I was looking through some of the cutout options one afternoon, I came across a puzzle template and cut it out. Harvey always complains and insults everyone. Marc Brown's Arthur Chapter Books: Volume 5: King Arthur; Francine, Believe it or Not; Arthur and the Cootie-Catcher [Marc Brown, Mark Linn-Baker] on elleandrblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Start by making a square piece of paper. To start making the square, fold one corner of a piece of paper over to the adjacent side.

153 Open When Letters Ideas and Topics for Your Special Someone

Free Printable Car Games & Activities. Be prepared with a few printable travel games to take with you in the car.

These are great for kids to play. Practice thankfulness with this gratitude activity for kids. This free printable Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher teaches thankfulness & helps kids. Marc Brown's Arthur Chapter Books: Volume 5: King Arthur; Francine, Believe it or Not; Arthur and the Cootie-Catcher [Marc Brown, Mark Linn-Baker] on elleandrblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

I used the wanted poster idea. My grade 2/3 students created wanted posters for 3-D shapes. They were able to use the attributes of the shapes to describe the wanted shape and had to find an example of that shape to add an image for the poster.

What to write on a cootie catcher
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